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  • Overseas University preparation course.
  • Entry requirement: IELTS 5.5 or above.
  • 1 Morning class + 6 1:1 classes + 2 group classes + self-study (Compulsory) + 2 night classes (12 classes).
  • The tuition fee is inclusive of academic counseling for university entrance and for future studies.
  • This program is aimed to help students develop essential skills and student’s self-directed learning skills for their future university life abroad.
  • Report/essay writing, presentation, research skills, academic speaking/vocabulary/grammar lectures are provided in the course.
  • Professional counselling services are offered to IMS EAP students for success in future university life.
  • IMS Academy offers information about the student’s preferred university.


Basic ~ Advanced English


English test preparation course for University admission

International University Entrance

Class Contents

  • Morning
    CNN, BBC, Ted Talk
  • One-on-one
    Academic Reading, Presentation, Academic Speaking, Research Skill, Academic Vocabulary, Advanced Grammar
  • Group
    Advanced Writing, TED Talk (Native Speaker)
  • Night
    Self-Study (Homework)

EAP Student's Experience

Jessica (13 months)

IMS speech contest was best for me to practice speaking in public. IMS managers instructed to self-study and attend classes. I learnt how to study by myself and that was really helpful for my studies. Also, their guidance and care helped me not to feel homesick while I was away from my parents in the Philippines. Memorizing vocabulary! I memorized a lot of vocabulary and it improved my writing and reading skills significantly. I thought that it was difficult to study in IMS. However, recalling the time in IMS, it was the happiest day of my life. I hope you also study hard there! Self-studying is most important. So, you should not complain about it but just carry on. I welcome you all to University of Toronto.

Won(13 months)

EAP course was very useful in my university life. Presentation, TED talk, Reports, Writing and etc. are vital subjects. I strongly recommend it to you all. In the beginning, I doubted about EAP course. I wanted to hang out after I got an offer for an admission at the university. If I did not take the course, I would be suffering now. (In fact, I witnessed many Korean students who could not catch up with lectures and dropped out of the school.) What you need is to study so you achieve what you want.

Jo (13 months)

I want you to take care of yourself mentally. When homesickness came to me, I was not able to control myself well. At that time, I had a heartto-heart talk with managers. It helped me overcome homesickness. You may feel it but you should hold yourself and go for your goal. I am graded A all the time now. You can do it!

Tim (9 months)

First, it was advantageous that I decided what universities I wanted to go and study for university. Some people just study without setting up their goals. In my case, I knew where I was going. This is how I gained my goal in a short time. Second, there was a student who was studying very hard. I wanted to study like him and with him. It brought me the best result. Third, I had a new hobby, diving. After studying and achieving my goals, I treated myself diving. With that, I did not experience a slump. My advice is that you set up a goal, make good friends and have healthy hobby. Your success is just right here.

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