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1. Is it safe to study in Philippines?

Safety, of course, is one of the main concern when you travel other countries. And yes, Philippines may have THE stereotypical image, but it really is the same protocol everywhere. As long as you don't walk around late at night by yourself, and as long as you are in full control of your self, then you shouldn't be worried at all.

Cebu has been the destination for many foreigner's vacation or English studies, so locals here are well-aware of foreigners. They may even talk to you in your own language! One thing to be careful is though, make sure to keep your belongings safely. But again, that applies to any tourist destinations, so nothing to be overly stressed!

Just remember, as long as you respect and try to mix in with the local culture and lifestyle, they will also treat you right!

2. Which Campus to choose? Ayala or Banilad?
Ayala Campus

Our Ayala Center is located in the heart of the downtown Cebu. It looks like a fancy cafe and is newly renovated. It's got nice city view and is only few minutes walk to the Ayala Mall, the best shopping mall in town! But most importantly, Ayala Center provides Havruta Education. Havruta Education is Jewish education method, leading students to ponder and find pleasure in the process of discovering solutions through debate and interactive conversation. Our teachers will help you not only with the English fluency, but also with the ability to think and grow.

Banilad Campus

Banilad Campus is a modern campus located in one of the wealthiest areas of Cebu. It is the best location for long-term program students because it is in the commutable distance to Cebu's best schools and has easy access to convenience facilities like mall and the gym. The campus has dormitory, so the students can save time to commute from the accommodation to the center. Students can study and share daily life with the teacher and friends - building life-long friendship and making unforgettable memories! Oh, and the super delicious meal at the cafeteria has always been something we are proud of!

3. What is SSP?

SSP (Special Study Permit) is basically a permission given to foreigners to study in the Philippines. It secures legal protection of the students while studying in the Philippines. If students encounter any issue without SSP, they may have to pay penalty or even be expelled from the country. Once SSP is issued, it is valid for six months and after that, students have to renew the SSP.

IMS Academy is authorized by the Bureau of Immigration to issue SSP.

4. Will I Be Able to Learn Proper Pronunciation in the Philippines?

YES! IMS instructors are assessed very thoroughly starting from their employment process.

IMS instructor qualifications : 4-year university graduate (Education / English Literature major preferred) / Certified Teacher (Experience in related field preferred)

It doesn't stop there though. Teachers are evaluated through regular assessment and participate in workshops in order to deliver high-quality lecture. Also, pronunciation may be one of the important factors in English proficiency, but what's really important is being able to express opinions using correct vocabulary and expressions.

IMS Academy hopes and strives to provide education through which our students can be confident with their English fluency.

5. What is the Time Zone of the Philippines?

Philippines Time Zone : GMT +8

Time Differences:

Korea : - 1 Hour

China : No Difference

Vietnam : + 1 Hour

Japan : - 1 Hour

USA (New York) : +12 Hours

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