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IMS Academy operates in accordance with the following policies in order to provide a better academic atmosphere for our students and to respect different cultural backgrounds.

1. Learning
1.1 Class Hour
    • A course is based on four weeks, consisting of 45-minute classes, 10-minute breaks and special classes (Monday – Friday). The number of class days may vary, depending on the course.
    • Students are not allowed to go out with a teacher in any case and required to attend classes in the designated classrooms.
    • If a student is late for a class more than 10 minutes, the student will be considered “Absent” No class may be offered.
    • If a teacher is late for a class over 10 minutes, the class will be replaced with other teacher. (No refund applicable). Please inform the academic office 2~3 minutes after the start of class.
    • If a student stops a course before the end date due to personal circumstances, supplementary classes will not be provided. (No refund applicable).
    • If natural disasters occur and a class cannot be held, or a student cannot attend a class, no refund or sub-class will be offered.
    • No classes are offered during Philippine national holidays.
    • Morning class is offered from 7:00 to 7:45 am (Optional). Not available for family program students.
    • Night class is offred from 7:00 to 8:50 p (Compulsory for intensive ESL students, Optional for the other courses, not available for family program students).
    • Classes for junior students will be taken place in the ground floor.
1.2 Class Change
    • A student can change a teacher or class every two weeks.
    • Once a teacher is assigned, a student must attend the class with the same teacher for the first 2 weeks.
    • Students can request a change of class from 14:00 to 16:30 on Fridays in the academic office. Class changes will take effect on the following Monday.
1.3 Placement & Progress Tests
    • After admission, students are assigned to suitable classes based on the placement test.
    • Subjects and the number of classes are decided, depending on the registered course.
    • Students take progress test on their 4th week and then every 4 week.
    • Students for IELTS and TOEIC must take the mock test every week (students can get details about the tests such as the date or place in the Academic office).
    • IMS Academy does not provide students with any test papers. If students have questions about the test, they can go to Academic office or talk to their teachers.
    • If students want to change or purchase textbooks, they should go to Academic office with a teacher. After that, they can do it in the Admin office.
    • One week after purchasing or changing books or writing / damaging books, the books are not refundable.
1.4 Certificate

Certificate is issued only to students who have finished a course with an attendance rate of 90% or above.

    • Students should submit 'Student Absent Form' to the Academic office in advance when there is a reasonable reason to be absent. If not, the students are considered absent and the class is no longer offered once the form is submitted.
    • Students can request a certificate out of Cebu, Philippines (additional charges apply).
1-5 Daily Vocabulary Test

Students should take the test with their suitable level. The test starts from 7:45 am and ends at 8:15 am for Banilad campus students while Ayala students take the test upon arrival until 8:30 from Monday to Thursday. Students must hand the answer sheet over by 8:30 am. If students do not participate in the test, they are grounded for the day. There are 10 questions from the vocabulary book. Depending on the course, passing mark is different. If students do not reach the passing score, they are not allowed to go out of the campus on Saturday and Sunday.(Except Family Program students).

Course No.of Questions New Student Orientation Day Score Minimum Score To Be Allowed To Go Out For the Day Daily Minimum Score To Reach The Weekly Passing Score Automatic Score During Holidays Weekly Passing Score (1week, 4 days)
ESL 10 10 1 6 6 24
Pre-IELTS 10 10 4 4 4 16
IELTS 10 10 7 7 7 26
Pre-TOEIC 10 10 4 4 4 16
TOEIC 10 10 7 7 7 26
1.6 Progress & Mock Tests

The detail of tests such as time and place is posted every week. If students do no take the test, they are grounded for next weekdays (Monday to Friday). It is also applied on a national holiday.

1.7 Rules for Tests

During the test, electronic devices and chitchats are not allowed. If students are found doing so, the test will be considered invalid and students are not allowed to go out of the campus on that day.

1.8 Self-Study

TOEIC/IELTS students must do self-study in the designated time more than 3 times a week. Otherwise, the students will be grounded on the following Saturday.

2. Living
2.1 Deposit

After admission, a deposit of 3000 pesos should be paid on their first day.

2.2 Visa Extension

Visa extension, SSP, ACR-I card and so on should be paid at once depending on the length of the course.

Period Deposit Visa SSP ID Card ACR-I Card Texbook Total
Up to 4 weeks 3,000 0 6,500 150 0 3,000 12,650
6 weeks 3,000 3,530 6,500 150 0 3,000 16,180
8 weeks 3,000 3,530 6,500 150 0 3,000 16,180
10 weeks 3,000 8,330 6,500 150 3,000 3,000 23,980
12 weeks 3,000 8,330 6,500 150 3,000 3,000 23,980
16 weeks 3,000 11,360 6,500 150 3,000 3,000 27,010
20 weeks 3,000 14,390 6,500 150 3,000 3,000 30,040
24 weeks 3,000 17,420 6,500 150 3,000 3,000 33,070
* Passport should be kept in an office, otherwise students are responsible for any problems caused. * The price of textbooks are various depending on a level of students. * Air-conditioner : 15 pesos / 1 kw * If a student stays in the Philippines over 6 months, Emigration Clearance Certificate(ECC) must be issued. * The fee for the application of ECC is 1,000 pesos.
    • Local fees, two 2x2 pictures, passport should be handed over to the admin office on the orientation day.
    • If students travel out of the Philippines, the students should apply for the 1st visa extension and pay for all the expense, depending on the length of study.
    • If students apply for a visa extension themselves, they need to consider their length of stay in IMS academy. IMS academy is not responsible for any matters in relation to visa extension.
    • If students keep their passport, instead of giving it to the Academy, and the visa is not extended on time, the students are responsible for any matters, not IMS Academy.
    • If students go out of the country to travel in the middle of their course, they should hand over documents such as flight tickets, itinerary and others, 20 days prior to the trip.
2.3 Curfew
Day Monday-Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time 17:30~23:00 17:30~00:00 05:00~00:00 05:00~23:00
    • If students come in or out during curfew, a penalty will be given. (See Penalty section).
    • During the curfew time, only self-study room and student’s own room are open. The other facilities are not open to students.
    • During the curfew hours, the gates of the campus are closed.
2.4 Curfew Time
    • From Monday to Thursday, students can go in and out of the campus between 5:00 and 7:30 am and 17:30 and 23:00 pm. Apart from these times, students cannot get in and out of the campus (when coming in the campus, guards check the bag of students for safety and alcoholic beverages).
    • For Fridays and Saturdays, students can go in and out the campus between 5:00 am to 00:00 am (including the day before a holiday).
    • Staying-out over night is only available on Saturdays. If students wish to stay out, they should submit an application for staying-out. It is only applicable for students over 19 years old. Students below 19 years old are not allowed to stay overnight (IMS academy is not responsible for any matters happening while students stay out overnight).
    • Students should go back to the school before the curfew time (IMS academy is not responsible for any matters happening while students stay out of the campus).
    • Students of 18 years old or below must return to school by 10:00 pm (weekdays, weekends, and holidays).
    • If students have any plans to travel and they have to go out during curfew time, they should speak to a manager to ask permission in the Admin office.
    • For Family program students, they are not bound to curfew time (the attendance rate should meet the criterion to obtain a certificate).
2.5 Attendance

Students below 70% of an attendance rate will not be allowed to go out of the campus on Saturday.

2.6 English Only Policy (EOP)

Students must only speak English in the campus.

2.7 ID Card
    • Students hand over ID card to guards whenever they go out of the campus.
    • Students have to show their ID card to staff when paying local fees (SSP, Visa extension, Textbooks and so on), utility bills (electricity, water) or deposit.
    • ID Card is 150Pesos for the first time. When re-making it, it is 200Pesos.
2.8 Laundry
    • For Men-Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Women-Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, on the designated days, students can bring their clothes to the laundry room in the 6th floor. Before asking for laundry, please read the instructions for your clothes thoroughly.
    • It is recommended that expensive clothes or underwear be hand washed by students, not by laundry staff. Also, sweaters, caps, swim suits, shoes, dolls, personal linens and etc. should be personally washed by students. IMS academy is not responsible for any damages on above mentioned items.
    • Students should submit ‘Laundry Check List’ that can be found on the desk at the laundry area.
    • Students should check the number and type of clothes with a laundry staff. If not, students may find it difficult to receive the correct amount of clothes.
    • Laundry service is not offered during national holidays.
2.9 Textbook
    • Students can purchase textbooks in the Admin office (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).
    • When purchasing books, students must write their name printed in their passport.
    • Textbooks are based on the placement test and when classes start, students will go to purchase textbooks with their teachers in the Admin office.
    • Students should verify their identification using their student ID card when purchasing books.
    • For personal purposes, if a student wants to have documents printed or copied, it can be done in the Admin office (20 pesos per paper)
2.10 Item Management
    • Students who enter a room of another student without permission would be given a penalty and will be responsible for missing items in the room (see Penalty section).
    • Students can use a pay locker in Admin office (deposit: 2,000 pesos, fee: 200 pesos/ 4 weeks).
    • Students should take care of their valuables (cash, flight ticket, mobile phone, electronic goods and so on personally. IMS academy is not responsible for any loss or damage.
    • Students should compensate for any damages if they destroy or damage items or facilities in the campus.
    • If students lose a room key, 500 pesos of a penalty will be imposed on students.
    • Lending and borrowing money between students and teachers/staff is prohibited. If anything happens regarding this, IMS academy is not responsible.
    • Students must not move any furnitures or appliances in the campus. If done, a penalty will be given.
    • Cooking appliances must not be used in the dormitory. If found, the appliances will be confiscated and penalty will be given (a microwave can be used in the dining room and canteen).
2.11 Room Cleaning
    • Room cleaning services are offered twice a week (Monday – Friday).
    • For students studying in Ayala campus, they can only request a cleaning service on Saturdays.
    • Students should write down their name and room number prior to one day (a request form can be found in the Admin office).
    • Room cleaning staff will knock on student’s door on time. If a student is not present in the room for 5 minutes, the staff will not be waiting for the student. It is counted as one cleaning service.
    • If a student goes out of the room while staff are cleaning the room, the cleaning staff will stop cleaning. It is counted as one cleaning service even if the cleaning has not been completed.
2.12 Student's Safety Check

IMS Academy staff can enter students' dormitory room anytime to check student’s safety. When entering, the staff will be accompanied with guards.

2.13 Shuttle Bus Between Banilad and Ayala Campuses

At 7:50 am, students who study in Ayala campus should get in the school shuttle bus on time. If they miss the shuttle bus at 7:50 am, students should either take the car at 10:50 am or commute going to Ayala campus on their own. For students under aged, they can only commute with a shuttle bus, neither taxi nor public transportation is allowed.

2.14 Light-out & Lockdown

Lights-out and lockdown of the campus is at 11 pm. After 11 pm, students do not have access to public places such as classrooms, dining area and so on, but only their own room and self-study room.

2.15 Insurance

Students should apply for an insurance themselves. IMS academy is not responsible for any matters if they do not have any insurance.

2.16 Utility Bills
    • Public utility rate (daily rate of water: 20 pesos, electricity: 30 pesos). For 4 weeks, it is 1,400 peso. Every 5th of a month, bills will be given to students and they should pay till the 10th of the month. If a student pays after the 10th of the month, a penalty of 100 pesos will be imposed.
    • An air-conditioner is installed in each room. Electricity bill is calculated based on 15 pesos / 1 kw. The bill will be divided by the number of roommates.
    • A meter is installed for each room. Students should pay the amount they use.
    • Students are subject to a penalty of 10,000 pesos if they damage a cover of a socket for air-conditioner.
2.17 Deposit

The rest of the deposit (if used) will be given back to students on Friday on the graduation week in Admin office. For those who will graduate before Friday, they can request a return of deposit on the day of leaving IMS Academy.

2.18 Food Delivery
    • Food must be delivered before 9 pm (eating should be done before 10 pm).
    • Students can eat the food only in the 6th floor, dining area, they are not allowed to eat in their or other public places.
    • Students must not take kitchen utensils (cups, spoons and etc.) from the dining area.
2.19 Dormitory Check-in & Out
    • Check-in is available on Sunday. Check-out time is at 11 am on Saturday. If students need to check-in earlier or check-out later, they need to ask permission from IMS Academy in advance.
    • If students stay longer than the designated period, there is an extra charge of 1,000 pesos (inclusive of meals).
2.20 How To Receive Posts & Mails

Address : Paseo Saturnino St, Banilad, Ma. Luisa Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000 (Tel : 63-32-384- 1202) For student’s convenience, IMS academy collects them instead of students. The fee is 500 pesos.

2.21 Hospital

Students should see a nurse in the clinic when sick. It is recommended that students buy medicine in the pharmacy. If a student asks for medicine from the school, and something happens accidently, the school is not responsible. A car service to the nearest hospital is only for emergency cases. Otherwise, students can use, taxi, grab or other public transportation.

3. Tuition Fee & Enrollment
3.1 Authorization of Change of Tuition Fee

IMS Academy has the right to change the tuition fee and other expense if there is a change in currency, tax, daily expense or government policy.

3.2 Refund of Admission Fee

Admission fee is not refundable in any case.

3.3 Postponement of Course
    • Students can postpone their course for 6 months.
    • The remaining period will expire after the 6th month.
    • Students can apply for postponement 3 months after the course starts with a minimum of 4 week postponement. A postponement of less than 4 weeks or personal reasons such as trips and so on are not applicable.
3.4 Refund Regulations
    • Refund regulations of fees is as written in the table below. The start of course indicates the check-in date.
    • The refund is completed after submitting a written refund application. The rest will be deposited to the student’s bank account within 30 days (students should speak to their agency about the refundable amount and the other stuff related to refund).
    • It is not refundable if the remaining period is less than 4 weeks.
    • It is not refundable if students come after the course started or if students are absent or late from classes (no sub-classes offered).
    • Refund will not be given if students are expelled due to wrong doings.
    • If there was a discount on tuition fees / dormitory fees, when requesting a refund, a refund is computed from the original fees. The academy may ask students to pay extra. If students refuse to do so, it may be a reason for students to be expelled.
3.5 Refund of Other Expense
    • Visa extension: It is refundable if the visa extension has not been processed.
    • SSP: It is not refundable after the course starts.
    • Airport pick-up: It is refundable if the student cancels a pick-up service one day prior to the schedule.
3.6 Extension of Course
    • Students can extend their course, preferably 2 weeks before their course ends in terms of weeks. Students should speak to a manager in the admin. But it is only available when there is a vacancy in the dormitory.
    • When extending a course, students must speak to agents who helped them in the first place. It is not acceptable that students extend a course with a help of different agent.
3.7 Campus Transfer
    • Campus transfer is available only once (Banilad<->Ayala).
    • Campus transfer is available when there are vacancies for students in the campus. When transferring, students must pay for a difference in tuition fee, SSP and other expense.
    • Students should talk to managers about transfer at least 1 week prior to the start date in a different campus.
3.8 Facility Guide
    • Dining room: 06:30 ~ 08:30 (Weekend/Holiday 08:00~09:00)/12:00~13:00/17:30~19:00.
    • Class rooms: 08:30~21:00 (With a morning class 07:00~21:00).
    • Self-study room: 24/7.
    • Smoking area: Students must not speak loud and stay in smoking area for over 5 minutes between 23:00 and 07:00.
4. Penalty
4.1 Rules
    • IMS Academy is a school with a dormitory. The penalty can be given to students anytime for 24 hours a day. Warning: Warnings are accumulated every 4 week. Expulsion: Managers will decide whether a student is willing to study further with a proper attitude. If not students may get expelled.
    • IMS Academy may give penalties as below and post a notice of student’s misbehaviors.
    • Every student in IMS academy are deemed to agree all the regulations. Therefore, IMS academy has the right to take care of students with proper sanctions.
    • Students with 3 warnings will be expelled.
4.2 Penalty Regulation
Reasons Penalty
Under manager’s judgement, a student may receive a warning. 1 Warning
Bringing, drinking alcoholic beverages on campus (if empty bottles or lids are found, it is considered the same as bringing and drinking on campus. 1 Warning
Moving furniture or any appliances in a dormitory. 1 Warning
Using cooking appliances in a dormitory such as portable gas stove. 1 Warning
Using kitchen appliances personally after 10pm. 1 Warning
Breaking curfew rules. 1 Warning
Going out of campus without permission, for example, when being grounded or going in/out in a curfew. 1 Warning
Staying out of campus over a night without permission, for example, not submitting a stay-out request or staying out over a night when grounded. 1 Warning
Gambling (even when not betting), gambling cards or any gambling materials are found. 1 Warning
Smoking (including E-cigarette) in a non-smoking area and cooking. 1 Warning
Entering a room of other students of the same sex. Going out through a window. 1 Warning
Below 70% of an attendance rate (4 weeks). 1 Warning
Receiving delivery food after 9 pm, eating after 10 pm, or eating in a non-designated area. 1 Warning
Hanging around campus after 11 pm or staying in a place where students are not allowed to be. 1 Warning
Not complying with gate guards. 1 Warning
Physical affection on campus. First: Warning
Second: Expulsion
Entering a room or floor of other students of the opposite sex. Expulsion
Using violent force to anyone, leading a riot or obstructing business. Expulsion
Casino visit. Expulsion
Romantic relationship with a teacher or staff. Expulsion
Telling other students about a discount of tuition fee, promotion and so on. * To pay the different amount that was originally discounted or given as a promo. Expulsion
Refusing to pay the difference when extending a course or upgrading dormitory. Expulsion
* When a new rule is made, it will be posted on notice board. The new rule is in effect 1 week after posting. * Warnings will be back to square one every 4 week
4.3 Reduction of Penalties

A penalty may get reduced only once during the entire length of a registered program as follow

    • Write a reason of why you need to study English in an A4 paper with 12 points – 1 warning.
    • Do the speech in a graduation ceremony for over 3 minutes – 2 warnings.

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