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Best English School in Cebu, Philippines

IMS Academy focuses on developing academic environment and system in order to provide better education service than that of western countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. With our effective English education system and student-oriented curriculum, we assure our students successful results.

We opened our Ayala campus next to Ayala mall in the center of Cebu city, and subsequently Banilad campus in the most safe and affluent area with various amenities.

Ayala campus focuses on speaking-based ESL and Business English with flexibility and liberality, whereas Banilad campus specialize in Premium/Intensive ESL, IELTS, TOEIC and EAP (English for Academic Purpose) with intensive student management system.

IMS Academy has provided English learning environments not only in Cebu, but also in Pennsylvania, Guam, Kuala Lumpur, and Vancouver as a world leading English language institute. With the international reputation, IMS offers outstanding education system for our students.

Why choose IMS Academy?

  1. EPT (English Proficiency Test)
    • The placement test system in IMS provides detailed and accurate evaluation.
    • Study plans are arranged through weekly or monthly progress tests and counseling.
    • Customized curriculum and study materials are provided for individual students.
  2. Ayala / Banilad Campus Option
    • In accordance with the student’s needs (study purpose, method, period and course), students can select either Ayala or Banilad campus.
    • Ayala Campus: Premium/Junior ESL and Business English with a flexible schedule.
    • Banilad Campus: Premium/Intensive ESL, TOEIC, IELTS and EAP with intensive students’ management system.
  3. Perfect Location
    • Ayala Campus is located in the heart of Cebu City with modern and contemporary study space.
    • Banilad Campus is located in the most safe and affluent area, Maria Luisa in Cebu.
  4. Qualified Teachers
    • Thorough recruitment system with a high standard (education background, teaching experience, English proficiency test, teaching demonstration, multicultural understandability and etc).
    • Regular training and evaluation of teachers to satisfy student’s needs.
    • Teachers specializing in one subject.
  5. Various Ratio of Nationality
    • Students from all over the world, such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese Mongolian, Saudi Arabian, Russian and etc.
    • Korean : 35%, Japanese : 10%, Taiwanese : 15%, Chinese : 15%, Vietnamese : 15%, Others : 10%
  6. Support Services
    • 24/7 student supporting system.
    • Managers from diverse countries and staff living in Banilad campus.
    • The Academic department to support students with various learning materials.
    • Frequent room cleaning and laundry services (at least twice a week).
  7. Safety and Health Care
    • CCTV cameras installed everywhere, recording the campus, 24/7.
    • Security guards securing the entrance and patrolling around the campus.
    • Nutrient balanced diet provided three times a day in Banilad campus, but lunch only in Ayala campus.
    • Managers and emergency team stay in the campus in case of emergency.
  8. Pathway Program to Globally-Renowned Universities
    • Education agreement, MOU, with Andrews University, Sprott Shaw College, GBC Internship and etc.
    • Special admission / scholarship offered to IMS students.
    • IMS Pathway program offers students to enter internationally renowned universities in USA, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and etc.

Why Choose IMS Academy?

  1. English Proficiency Improvement Guarantee System
    • Authorized English Examination (IELTS, TOEIC) Courses. Well-made curriculum to assist students achieve their target score
  2. 12-stage Level System for Personalized Education
    • Assigning students personalized class materials and teacher depending on the level test result.
  3. Monthly Evaluation / Mock Exam Every Week
    • Academic plan suggestion and feedback depending on the students’ performance on the exams.

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Ayala Campus

Unit 5/6, Level 10, FLB Bldg.

Archbishop Reyes St., Cebu City, Philippines 6000

Banilad Campus

Paseo Saturnino St., Banilad,

Cebu City, Philippines 6000